Not Finding the Perfect

Vietnam camera 2017 002

Random airport shot (Hong Kong maybe) because I am hoping for a fever dream about traveling.


When you have a long weekend it is hard to find fault with it. When you have a day when you’d normally be working but you aren’t, it is hard to find fault with it.  If you have a morning when you have to wake up before the crack of dawn, but you don’t, it is hard to find fault with it.  However, when you are sick, and getting sicker rather than better, finding perfection is more difficult.

See you when I get well enough to find that Perfection, or when that Perfection finds me despite my illness.

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Lunch Decisions


Today, on the second day of a three-day long weekend, I found myself on the road.  I had spent the previous evening with my friend watching a double feature. (Avengers Infinity War and Deadpool 2–the PG and R superhero movies respectively).

I decided to stop for lunch and rather that gorge myself on a burrito, I hit J-town, the Japanese supermarket just on the other side of the Toronto Richmond Hill border–literally, one side of the street is Toronto, the other Richmond Hill.  I used to go there often, but these days those times are rare.

I usually opt for tonkatsu–deep friend pork.  Today, I decided to change things up….sort of.  I had katsu curry.  Basically that is the tonkatsu from above with a side of Japanese curry.  For the chopstick impaired, this one is most often eaten with a spoon.  As you have curry for flavouring and softening, tonkatsu sauce is not required.

For those who haven’t eaten Japanese curry…..well why haven’t you?  It is sweet and delicious, unless you mistakenly order the wrong one (which I did once is Tokyo Station because I lazily read the vending machine label and thought I was ordering upgraded pork rather than super spicy curry).

It was not the most elegant of dining situations, but who cares when the food tastes good?  I should make a point of going there more often.


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Overcoming Obstacles


How often do we really look at our world? How often do we see everything?  Part of the mandate of Today’s Perfect Moment is to find those things that we may overlook.  I have stood at this bus stop for more days than I would care to count and I had never seen this until today.  I have stood inside and out.  I have stood to the left and to the right.  I have walked around the stop in order to boost my step count.  I have paced bath and forth either out of frustration at a late bus or in another bid to boost my step count.  Yet, today was the first day I saw this.

Either before they constructed the waiting area and the shelter or shortly after that, a tree began to grow. It burst through a seam, now probably a wide crack, and stretched for the sky.  This one little seed defeated the odds and grew in exactly the place it was discouraged from growing.

I think there is a lesson in this for all of us.

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Call the Fashion Police

If you haven’t already read my piece entitled the Great T-shirt Debacle, you should. It will give you great context for what happened today.  Although, I should warn you.  This is less of a debacle and really was more of a coincidence.

My work has a fairly lax dress code for the teachers. The students, of course, can do whatever they want.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite explain how this happened, but it did.


Pretty easy contender for Today’s Perfect Moment


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A Welcome Invasion of Personal Space


The beautiful weather we had in the afternoon of a clear sky and mild temperatures was probably created by the dismal dark and rainy morning. That morning also spawned Today’s Perfect Moment.

I trudged my way up the subway steps, hoping that the rain that pelted me from the bus stop before I entered the subway had magically subsided. While it had slowed to a drizzle, it certainly hadn’t stopped.  I had to wait for 3 stoplights to change to navigate the construction confused intersection at Yonge and Eglinton.  At each corner the rain was somewhat different.  I had an umbrella but hadn’t opened it yet.

Suddenly, a complete stranger sidled up next to me and covered me with her umbrella. This thing used to happen a lot when I was younger and this random act of kindness was not seen as an invasion of space.  People shared umbrellas with strangers in need.

Of course I thanked her and enjoyed standing under her umbrella. I knew, perhaps instinctively, perhaps I heard something in her voice, that she was from another country.  She didn’t say much so I suspected that her English level was not very high.  I also wondered if she was a student at the school I taught.

She left me after crossing the intersection and proceeded to walk in the same direction I was going. She walked at a good pace that I could only keep up with and proceeded to walk to the door of my school.  We shared an elevator up to her floor and smiled at each other as we parted.

I am reminded of How I Met Your Mother when Ted finally met the mother and they shared an umbrella on a train platform. I may have hated the end of that show, but I loved that scene.

I digress

As I said before, this thing used to happen a lot more often in the past. Now it seems like good manners and courtesy are rare.  I still hold doors and elevator doors open for people.  I give up my seat to people in need.  I don’t play my music so loud that it bleeds out of my earphones.

Oh, wait, now I sound like an old person struck with nostalgia for their time complaining about how life was better in the past…..

Okay, sadly, all of that might be true, but at least someone shared their umbrella with me.


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The Inner Child


Today, totally without planning and possibly due to an error by the TTC which saw a subway car stop at the platform, not open its doors and drive away, I got on a subway completely decorated inside and out to the theme of Toy Story.

Obviously this was a gigantic advertisement for the Disney Attraction. However, looking beyond the commercialism of the thing (which is no different than them bombarding me with ads for mattresses or internet service providers) I felt it reach that little boy inside me.  Toy Story is one of my favourite cartoons (though The Incredibles is probably best…or maybe the first Despicable Me….now I am digressing)

Toy Story is one of my favourite cartoons and though I saw it first as an adult, it filled me with the same sense of wonder as a child. It certainly paved the way for all the good cartoons and superhero movies we have now.

I have never been to Disney and I don’t think I will ever go. However, for a few moments, I could at least picture it.


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Mother’s Day and Ducks


Mother’s Day Brunch.  I can’t rightly say that it is a tradition in our family.  However, for the last few years it has been.  We head off to Oakville and join people with boats, or relatives of people with boats and have Mother’s Day Brunch.  There were a number of beautiful people there, but since I don’t speak boat, I mostly kept to our table conversation.  The food was decent and everyone seemed happy.  My Mom seemed to appreciate it–and that is what really matters.

One of my work colleagues says that she celebrates Mother’s day on Saturday instead.  She claims that the restaurants are not full and the prices seem better.  I cannot say I fault her logic in this area.

I have included a picture of ducks because it is always nice to be reminded that we are not too removed from nature.


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Happy Mother’s Day


Before I head to brunch with my Mom and siblings, I just wanted to wish all of my readers who may be mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day

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Compliments on Teaching

In my teaching situation…some might call it a career….others are less kind, I teach several different classes.  This means more planning for different student needs but also provides relief is one or more (but not all) of the classes aren’t going well.

Today, the students in a class I just started this week were very complimentary of my teaching.  They liked my attitude and methodology and really wanted to tell me about it.  It certainly made my day.

My other classes aren’t going badly, but lately it feels like I am continuously hitting a wall at 90kms/hr.  This was a nice way to make me feel good.

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Possibilities Unwritten


I left my house early this morning.  I was running late (probably because I was checking my phone when I should have been drinking my coffee and stuffing my yogurt into my lunch bag)  and felt very unsure of making the bus.

I was greeted by a beautiful sight.  In front of me, the sun h ad just risen over houses and it truly looked like a ball of fire on the horizon.  It didn’t have that definitive round shape.  It seemed more globuous***,… more fluid. Streaked defiantly across its face, was a jet contrail****All of this was framed by the trees still leafless in this early spring.

It is Today’s Perfect Moment because, as I noted when I sent the picture out on Instagram, it made me see the day as possibilities unwritten.  Dawn, a jet taking off in spite of the sun, and the trees sprouting buds were all clear signs of beginnings.  Something is on the cusp of happening, even if I don’t know what it is.

Sadly, I had no time to snap the first picture I saw and had to wait until I could be sure the bus wasn’t coming before I took this one.  It isn’t exactly what I saw, but hopefully my descriptions will help.

*** I know globuous is not a word, but how do you define and undefinable shape.

****short for condensed trail


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