Beer Food and Friend

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. So a belated Happy St. Patrick’s day to you.**  I am not Irish, but like a lot of Canadians, I believe that on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is a little Irish.

It also happens to be the birthday of my friend and University roommate (Go Mustangs!) . We went out for a burger in the town of Bradford Ontario.  We went to the Kenzington Burger bar (I am not sure why they spell it with a zed.  I suppose it’s affectation, but maybe there is a legitimate reason for doing so.)  We had some burgers and a beer.  I was so relaxed and in the moment that I forgot to take pictures of the food, the beer, or my friend.* (the above picture is just a generic and free to use picture–not my actual burger)

My list of friends (not to be confused with acquaintances) is rather small, but well chosen. Sadly we do not see each other often enough, and we must spend a bit of time each visit updating people on our home lives, family, work,  and mutual friends.  This is not a bad thing; just part of the tradition.  Yesterday was very much like that.

Conversation flowed easily and I am never as at ease as I am with my friends. They are supportive and helpful–they might even get me to fill out my online dating profile someday.

My day contained no green beer–why would I want to ruin my delicious beer? Nonetheless, it was obviously yesterday’s Perfect Moment.

**I am still catching up from the day I was unable to connect to WordPress.

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A Little Mischief

According to my mother, I was not a bad child. As far as my teachers were concerned, I had a stubborn streak, was a little precocious, was rather defiant, and had a temper.  I guess mothers can see beyond all of that.

As my post about karma already explained, I wouldn’t want to teach me. I wouldn’t appreciate my eye rolling.  At least I wouldn’t appreciate it out loud.   I would probably appreciate it with that inner monologue….maybe that’s what this blog is all about.


Today, while out for a walk, I came across a bit of mischief. The upstanding adult in me wanted to tsk tsk the whole thing.  The only problem was that the mischievous little imp inside me (and not buried too deep, apparently) found it more interesting than bad.

As you can see from the picture above, someone got to the cement before it had dried and decided to leave their mark on history. I suspect if tiny bits of gravel tossed around by the snow hadn’t settled there, it would be easy to miss.  I am surprised I spotted it, but I was listening to the Doors on my MP3 player and was probably doing the air harmonica on Roadhouse Blues–so my head was down as I grooved on my imaginary harp.

I wonder what prompted this small r type of rebel? Did they want to leave their mark on the neighbourhood?  I certainly would understand that.  That is what I am trying to do with this blog and my instagram feed.  Their handprints will last until they dig up the sidewalk.  Who knows when that will be.  I suppose if the subway extension ever comes this far north….but that seems unlikely.  As for my digital mark, it will probably fade away whenever they change the internet.

Maybe it was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. Maybe they were walking by and took the opportunity to express themselves.  Most mischief seems to be spur of the moment.  Kind of like my friend who decided to knock down bicycles like dominos one drunken night walk in Osaka (right in front of the Koban no less).  It is rarely as well planned as the revenge scenarios depicted on many TV shows and in detective novels.

It might be wrong to celebrate mischief as Today’s Perfect Moment, but that’s exactly what I am doing. I guess I am being mischievous.


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Retail Distractions

Today, I visited two different shops on errands. These were a bit of a way from my house, but I managed to make the journey on secondary roads.  It was rather peaceful.


First I went to the Pacific Mall to find some stationery goods. Luckily I came upon the Japanese Dollar store (where everything that would be 100 yen in Japan was 2 dollars in Canada.  Not exactly a fair deal, but not horrible either.  It was in the sub basement of the mall and I wouldn’t have found it if not for the urging of one of the saleswomen on the main floor.  I had seen the store while I was looking for the washroom (restroom for my US readers WC for others) but didn’t realize that it had a basement.  I thought I was already in the basement.

So, below, illuminated by fluorescent lights, they had all those things you would find at a Japanese 100 yen store. I felt so cool that I could read some of the product descriptions.  I didn’t think I was back in Japan or anything–it was a little too disorganized for that–but it was a nice way to while away some time.

The second visit was to a hobby store. This one had rocket kits, model kits (cars, military, and gundam) RC planes, RC cars, and even RC boats.  The store was a bit cramped, but I vaguely remember being there years before when the store occupied two units.  I am pretty sure they had to work hard getting everything back into one unit.

I wandered the three or four aisles they had thinking about my hobbies and my hobby aspirations. If you’ve read my other blog, you’ll know that I am involved in a whole host of money devouring hobbies and pastimes.  It was fun to think how I could blow more money.

In the end, I did not spend a lot. I was happy for the distraction.


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It’s About Time


There is an Asian supermarket near my house. I am sure I have written about it before.  I go there to grab Japanese candy, (as Heide knows I like so much) samosas, Vietnamese coffee, chocolate milk, lettuce, rye bread, and numerous other things.  I enjoy it because it takes me back to another time in my life.  Also, as it has so many things that I have never seen before, I get the chance to walk around a little wide eyed.

There are a number of things that I am dying to try, but have never bought. Sometimes it is because I know that the price is cheaper somewhere else.  Sometimes it is because I think the price is too high for what I would be getting.  Of course, sometimes it is because I have no idea what the heck it really is.

Today, because I stopped for bread, I decided to buy one of those things I have been looking at. Maybe I was feeling that “it’s about time….” (which is so much fun when I have to teach that to my students)  I have been trying different kinds of ice cream and frozen yoghurt things lately, so this is sort of a continuation of that.

This is available widely, but my Korean students have encouraged me to get it before. I just haven’t because there was never enough room in my freezer, or I felt that I shouldn’t eat so many sweet things.  Also, banana is one tough flavour.  If they get it wrong, it just tastes like horrible chemicals.

I could have chosen another flavour. They had a strawberry kind, a peach kind, and a ….green kind (Thanks to Google, I know that this was melon flavoured)  From those choices, banana is my sure fire winner.  Melon would be my second choice…a distant second choice.

So, happily, I report that it tasted quite good and the banana flavour was quite good and quite strong.  I should also point out that the square shape was not as awkward to consume as I feared, though a little awkward.  From an environmental perspective, it probably ships in a smaller container because of this.

So, to recap, it isn’t the food that is Today’s Perfect Moment. That honour goes to taking a risk and finally getting something I had been planning on for quite a while.  That it tasted good is merely a side bonus.


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Comfort Food


Today’s Perfect Moment is Chinese food. No, this blog will not be a celebration of authentic Szechuan or Cantonese Chinese food.  No  this post does the unthinkable and celebrates Canadian Chinese food. (Sorry Patrick, Susana, Jessica, and Charmaine–Though I doubt any of you read this blog, but I had better hedge my bets–I love authentic Chinese food too, but sometimes….)

What is Canadian Chinese food?  It is a vague and somewhat sweeter and greasier approximation of authentic Chinese food with things like chicken balls thrown in for good measure.  I grew up on it, and only in my late teens did I come learn that it wasn’t authentic.  In fact, I have to thank Ms. Foster, my history teacher, for exposing me to the real McCoy.


Bring it on!  I am ready!


I think of it as comfort food. And like all comfort food, no one should judge what form that comes it.  If we did, the whole comfort food industry would be in tatters.

Some of my donauschwaben comfort foods (kipfel, Bona soup, palachinka, chicken paprikash) are lost to us now. If only we had taken time to learn the recipes.

What are your comfort foods?

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Paris-Nice Evokes Wanderlust

I happened to catch the end of today’s stage of Paris-Nice. I enjoyed it thoroughly.  While it is not an opinion that I have, I have heard that people find bike races quite boring.  Certainly it is more fun to be in them rather than watch them, but you can’t beat the scenery.  Wow!

Last year I took to cycling vacations and found myself cycling through some awesome landscapes. I was fully immersed in it all.  We crossed mountains, rivers, and lakes.  We road along the coast and into the woods and tall grasslands.

As I was watching them coast down roads with rocky faces, I really found myself wishing I were on vacation again. I wish I had the financial wherewithal to take so many more cycling vacations.  Maybe I need a sponsor with deep pockets to help defray the costs of my dream lifestyle.

I have been reading some amazing posts about people who seem to have vacations every month, or at least that what it seems. They seem to have made a career out of traveling.  Am I jealous?  Somewhat.  I know it isn’t all perfect.  I know that they have worked hard to get the travel opportunities they have taken.  I also know that compared to many people I know, that my lifestyle is enviable.  However, today, after watching those sleek bikes careening through picturesque French villages and racing down mountain passes, I can’t but help wishing I were on a bike somewhere right now.  This is especially true when I look out the window and see the snow starting to fall.


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Helping a Senior Netizen

pexels-photo-877695.jpegToday’s Perfect Moment is helping my Mom overcome a technical hurdle. Her internet wasn’t working and through dogged perseverance, I was able to make it work again.  Facebook is once again accessible for a senior netizen.

In my fantasy world, I am a computer savvy person. I easily coast the internet highway like Count Zero in that great Gibson cyberpunk novel.  The truth is far from it.  I am an intermediate user on my best day.  That I have a blog, a couple of facebook pages, and an Instagram is not quite a miracle, but it’s closer than I feel comfortable admitting.

So, I feel pretty good that I solved the elusive problem–my mother’s computer put itself in airplane mode…and then hid the airplane mode switch. It reminded me of the time someone put the TV on the secondary audio channel and took the batteries out of the remote.


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Knocking Things Off My To-Do List


My to do list is full of a lot of mundane things. Little things need fixing, things need sorting, things need tidying….pretty much like anyone else’s list.  And much like anyone else, I am fantastic at not getting things checked off that list.

Today’s Perfect Moment is getting one of those things checked off the list.

Last year, I took two cycling vacations. I came back with a lot of memories and a bunch of stuff I meant to put in a scrapbook.  I managed to get most of the stuff sorted from the first trip…but not everything.  Then I totally forgot to do anything with the second batch of stuff.

On both trips, I updated my blog and I posted a bunch of pictures to facebook. On the second trip I put more emphasis on the blog than writing down what happened in the scrapbook.  This was better for the blog, but who knows if I will access it as often as I might pick up the book and leaf through it.


I can’t say it is a work of art. I am not really good at scrapbooking and a lot of what I put in there is a little banal.  I stuck in menus from the flight, business cards, menus and disposable maps.  My writing….when scrawl seems to sum it up best.

I am glad it is done and many of the things from the trip are in one compact place.

Of course, I have other souvenirs. I have postcards that I didn’t send.  I have many hundreds of pictures (which I am still posting to Instagram) , full colour maps, an amazing book of photographs, magnets, art for my walls, and an awesome box to hold my chopsticks.

What kinds of things or ways do you keep mementos from your trip?


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Spring Visions

IMG_20180303_134118220Though I am not prepared to wish away winter yet, with obvious signs of spring showing themselves, it is hard not to look forward to spring.

Thanks to a walk in the park, my thoughts turn to tennis….if only briefly.


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