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Today’s Ride and a Question

Today’s ride was a little shorter than average, but made much more difficult by a strong headwind and some especially long hills.  The good news is that I felt strong climbing some of the hills and loved hitting 60kph on … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

After weeks of procrastination, valid and less than valid excuses, and an east coast trip, I finally made it out with the cycling club. Like all first rides of the season, it wasn’t worth writing home about.  It is worth … Continue reading

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On the New Bike

Finally, after dithering and making up a lot of excuses and finding reasons not to ride, I did finally get on the bike.  I kitted up and raced out into the world.  It was my first day on my bike … Continue reading

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Getting Fully Kitted Out

Like every great journey there are always things to prepare, or things to buy.  In the case of cycling, there is some equipment that you need.  I’m not talking about tools, or fancy cycling computers.  Today, in a show of … Continue reading

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A Question for all the cyclists.

The bicycle show is in town starting tomorrow.  I definitely plan to attend, but I am wondering which of the three days is better; Friday, Saturday or Sunday?  I am off work early enough to make Friday possible, but don’t … Continue reading

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Shiny New Wheels

A big part of the better me is improved all around fitness (and hopefully more weight loss).  I had a good year last year by changing my diet and getting out on my bike more often.  I lost about 20 … Continue reading

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August 24, 2014: The Nokiidaa Trail

Finding the day’s Perfect Moment is sometimes hard.  I couldn’t find one on Friday because my hellish commute home made me unwilling to search for it.  It likely existed, but I was in no mood to ponder it.  Saturday, while … Continue reading

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July 30, 2014: Time to Browse, Time to Dream

  Today’s Perfect Moment is having and taking time to look around the bike shop.  There is just something fundamentally satisfying with looking at new bikes.  It could be the mechanical precision or the sleekness of a modern bike that … Continue reading

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