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The Characters That I Work With

When I wrote about the KISS play set and my diverse co-workers, I am sure some of the readers had some doubts about my words.  We’re all prone to exaggeration.  Why would I be any different? I could reiterate my stance … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

After weeks of procrastination, valid and less than valid excuses, and an east coast trip, I finally made it out with the cycling club. Like all first rides of the season, it wasn’t worth writing home about.  It is worth … Continue reading

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The Sounds Not of Silence

Today’s Perfect Moment had two distinct, some might say opposite, parts. What unites them is their locations and the fact that both of them were sounds. Sound One I was at the end of my commute to work. That is … Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

I wouldn’t honestly say my teaching was inspired today. It wasn’t bad either.  When I talk about inspired teaching it usually means that I have come up with an activity or approach that really got the students talking and really … Continue reading

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The Last Post of the Year

It’s the end of 2016. I have nothing overly profound to say and no resolutions I wish to make public.  In fact, I haven’t made any and I am not sure that I will.  All I really know is that … Continue reading

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Not Only One…But Many

Today’s Perfect Moment is simply the day it was. Highlights include: Hearing Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on the radio. Lots of sunshine that shone even as the rain fell. A delicious dinner meal. Finding some books at the … Continue reading

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An Almost Transparent Fog

There’s a woman I often see jogging past my bus stop in the early morning as I make my dreary half asleep sluggish body towards what will eventually be work. She usually looks quite resplendent in her yellow/high visibility high … Continue reading

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Spreading the Warmth

\  First and foremost, thanks to Just a Girl and a Bike for nominating me for this award.  I appreciate any feedback I can get on my blog.  I  am very happy that you found it worthy of the nomination.  … Continue reading

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Drinking, Flirting and Living

I am unsure as to how exactly it transpired. At best, all I can do is report the incident as faithfully as my memory will allow and move one.  You see, this is a story in which the hero (me, … Continue reading

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When One Inspires

  I had Thai food yesterday, which could have easily qualified as a Perfect Moment. It was spicy and delicious and the restaurant was pretty without being ostentatious. (funny aside, I had a bit of a brain lapse and spelled … Continue reading

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