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New Topics of Conversation…Finally

English teachers, especially new ones, love to talk about grammar and teaching. With the summer upon us and an huge influx of teachers for the busy summer season, things can get loud in the teacher’s room.  The debates about the … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Ate Sushi

I know I shouldn’t stare. And, on the face of it, she probably thought I was staring because she was an attractive young woman.  That wasn’t the case at all.  I was staring because she was doing something I had … Continue reading

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On the Road

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  While that may be true, it isn’t necessarily the most enjoyable.  Also, outside of the 401, Yonge Street and downtown Toronto, not really applicable for the roads in Ontario.  The … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Aurora

I wish they had put a hole in the boards and not made me take this picture from the side through a chain-link fence.  Oh well.  There is still that little boy in me who can stop and look at … Continue reading

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Dandelion Whine

First of all, this post probably should have been called My Thoughts on Dandelions and Other Assorted Weeds, but that just seemed like a rather long title and probably gave so much away that nobody would read it. The shortened … Continue reading

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Anime Eyes

A young women sat near me on the bus today.  Despite registering her obviously good looks when she got on the bus, her age having derailed any romantic notions that I would have, I didn’t look at her too deeply. When she came … Continue reading

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A Choice of Two Moments

Commuting by bus affords one the opportunity to witness things that might otherwise go unnoticed. It is, therefore, not particularly unbelievable that so many of my stories come from my bus rides. Today, I have for you two. Both are … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day and Pre-Mother’s Day

Look, let’s get serious for a minute. There is no way I could choose anything other than celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mother and other family members as Today’s Perfect Moment.  To do anything else, wouldn’t only be wrong, but it … Continue reading

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Yellow Was the Night

Here it is Saturday and I realize that I haven’t kept up with the perfect moments of the past few days. It isn’t like there hasn’t been any.  Mostly, and I know this thanks to my Fitbit, I have just … Continue reading

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Ten Years Later

The ESL world in Toronto is somewhat of a small world.  It’s either that or I’ve been doing it so long that I have cycled through all the people in the industry.  I think I would rather stay with the … Continue reading

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