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Leaving Monday on the Subway Car

Simple and short. I got on the subway today after a Monday at work. It wasn’t the most Monday it has ever been, but it was still Monday enough to make me long for Sunday. I hope you understand what … Continue reading

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Questions for the Universe: Regarding Pot

In case you didn’t know, pot is legal in Canada and the locations for purchase are many. There are more pot stores than there are Tim Horton’s locations–and that is saying something. Some towns voted against them and enacted bylaws … Continue reading

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My town hosts an e-waste pickup several times a year. However, these things were cancelled during the lockdown. Luckily, they included several of them this year and got them on the calendar. I am sure things were still up in … Continue reading

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Weirdness Magnet

Do I just run into complete weirdness, or is it because I am looking for something to write about that I tend to notice it more than others? Am I somehow attracting this weirdness, or is it there for all … Continue reading

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Midnight Wordle Mystery

Like many of you out there, I am playing Wordle. It is an interesting fun game that challenges and entertains me. Unlike most of you, I usually play just after midnight before going to bed. If the word is challenging … Continue reading

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An Update on my Previous Post

I just wanted to update you on my last post. I ran into the woman with the pink canoe paddle. Perhaps “run into” is a bit of a lie. What I mean is that she exited the subway in front … Continue reading

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The Good, the Odd, and the Ugly

From time to time, I have written about the unusual things that I have encountered during the day. Sometimes I use the word unusual instead of the stronger (to me at least) “strange” or “bizarre”. I write these stories because … Continue reading

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The First Official Group Ride

Last year, I spent a lot of energy getting ready for the cycling season. I was on Zwift throughout the winter and went on a bunch of pre-season rides whenever the weather permitted. This year, I took it a bit … Continue reading

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