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What a Morning

In a movie, cataclysmic events have some foreshadowing. In life, that isn’t always the case. In the situation I am going to relate, you will have to decide if it was foreshadowed or not. Please comment below (anonymously if you … Continue reading

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A Question for my Fellow Cyclists?

I have been thinking of upgrading my cycling computer and wonder what everyone uses and recommends? I currently use a very low end model as I mostly just wonder how far and how fast I am going. However, I think … Continue reading

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Productive Day Rewards

As I write this, Sunday is fading and the grim spectre of Monday morning work intrudes upon my thoughts seeking to erase the joys of this wonderfully productive day. You can’t say I’m not dramatic enough. As far as Sundays … Continue reading

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The Good with the Bad

I hope the following is as amusing as it is enlightening. The Good At the end of last year, my girlfriend and I got tickets for Cirque Du Soleil. We had seen Alegria some time ago and really enjoyed it … Continue reading

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Brooding Colours

As Winter gives way to Spring (meaningless calendar determinations aside) it seems like not everyone got the memo. As the subway crawled to a stop at my station, and the doors took their sweet time to open, I had a … Continue reading

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An Afternoon Stroll

Today, amid the errands of the day, I decided to show my girlfriend the quaint area of Newmarket that is encompassed by Main Street and the Riverwalk Commons. This area has a number of restaurants, cafes, pubs, an ice-cream place … Continue reading

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Weekly Ramble

I’m just going to ramble a bit about my week. I didn’t have the energy to write every day, but I did think about things and I have a bunch of comments rattling around in my brain. None of them … Continue reading

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