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On my Mind

I have nothing to write about, so I thought I would let you in on some of my thoughts. Read at your own risk. The sun is rising later and I find myself walking to the bus stop in the … Continue reading

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The Opposite of “Adulting”.

Adulting is a word I have heard young people use on Social Media. The act of paying a bill on time was deemed “adulting” by one person. It isn’t that I want to cast aspersions on these people, because I … Continue reading

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Chocolate Croissants

I am not a “stop for a coffee” kind of person. I love my morning coffee, but I prefer to make it at home. While most of my family might argue that I enjoy the frugality of it, I actually … Continue reading

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In Service or not In Service?

I have to admit, I haven’t been enjoying my commute lately. It’s a combination of frustration with slow drivers, slow boarders, slow de-boarders, inconsiderate passengers, loud passengers, long red lights, short green lights, untalented buskers, long coffee lines, broken escalators, … Continue reading

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