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Treating Yourself

Yesterday saw me walking through a huge outlet mall. We were visiting to return something, so this was less a shopping trip and more a dedicated mission. That feels good–clear targets and clear tasks. Poor parking choices meant a longer … Continue reading

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Character Study

I would like to take a moment to write a character study. I hope you find it amusing and enlightening. I welcome all of your comments. On the bus the other day, sitting in the seats in front of us, … Continue reading

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Thinking of colour

When I think of the green, my mind goes to things like traffic lights or the colour of my Oma’s kitchen. When I think of Midori, the colour I come up with is decidedly darker. Why is that? When I … Continue reading

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I grapple with this question a lot. Where is the best place to submit a short story for publication? I have looked at the Writer’s Market. I have considered many places, but I just don’t have an answer. I know … Continue reading

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I love to travel and have done a decent job of seeing some of it. I have set foot on five continents and experienced countless wonderful things. I have, however, done a pretty weak job of seeing my own country. … Continue reading

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