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A Pizza by Any Other Name….

  Recently I found myself in a situation which has sparked a bit of discussion amongst my students. Normally, as an ESL teacher, I would welcome any topic that provokes a lot of discussion–as long as it isn’t full of … Continue reading

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Pikachu Spotted on Subway

The Canadian National Exhibition opened quite recently. This is often called the CNE, or when I was young “The Ex”.  This event runs until Labour Day Monday at the exhibition fairgrounds in Toronto.  It has been a staple of life … Continue reading

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“We Now Call it Friday Junior,” She Explained

I guess we all think of our workplaces as a little weird, or at least containing some kind of weirdness.   It might be strange policies, strange products in the vending machines or that one completely out of place song on … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Camping Trip Part One

There is a lot of joy to be gotten from simple things. In my case it was a game of catch between myself and  my best friends. As I write this, I am reminded about the line from “Stand By … Continue reading

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A Tribute of Sorts

Saturday night, despite camping, was devoted to The final concert of The Tragically Hip.  I have seen them live a couple of times.  I took their music when I went to Japan to give it as much international exposure as I … Continue reading

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Make my Burrito: A Treatise on Abdicating my Assembling Responsibilities

Lately, I have become somewhat addicted to burritos. I think I have had one at least once a week for the past two months. The problem, though some might see it as an advantage, is that you have to instruct … Continue reading

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Without Drawers, But With A View

I don’t have a desk at work. I have a kind of table…more like a cantilevered slab of leftover countertop really.  I shouldn’t complain because some teachers, especially new ones and temporary summer ones (often one in the same) don’t … Continue reading

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An Almost Transparent Fog

There’s a woman I often see jogging past my bus stop in the early morning as I make my dreary half asleep sluggish body towards what will eventually be work. She usually looks quite resplendent in her yellow/high visibility high … Continue reading

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Spreading the Warmth

\  First and foremost, thanks to Just a Girl and a Bike for nominating me for this award.  I appreciate any feedback I can get on my blog.  I  am very happy that you found it worthy of the nomination.  … Continue reading

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Quests Updated

I think all of us have quests of some kind. Maybe we’re looking for the hockey card to complete our set.  Maybe were looking for the last in a series of Red Rose Tea figurines.  Maybe our quests are to … Continue reading

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