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Shopping for Books and Other Quests

This is going to be a rather rambling post, but hopefully you will read it to the end.  If you do, you might be able to help someone with a rather interesting quest. Yesterday, thanks to a gift card for … Continue reading

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Goodbye Door to Door Mail Delivery

Right now, as I write this, they are installing my new “community” mailbox. Okay, that isn’t exactly true.  In fact, they are just scooping out the dirt from the embankment to make a space for the new mailboxes.  They’ve got … Continue reading

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It Could Have Been Anywhere

In the song Helpless by Neil Young, he sang that “there is a town in north Ontario…all of my changes were there.”  I have always found that line beautiful.  It acknowledges a place as the instigator of growth.  It acknowledges … Continue reading

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Turkey, the Day After

After Thanksgiving there seems to be a lot of turkey lying around. People start moaning, but I partake in my own ritual (I was going to say annual, but this happens at Christmas as well). I consider sandwiches to be … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

As I sip my morning coffee at this late hour, struggling to overcome the effects of turkey induced sleep, I just wanted to wish all Canadians (and anyone else who is celebrating or has celebrated)  at home and abroad, a … Continue reading

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Things That Give One Pause to Smile

Walking across the parking lot I came across a beautiful Challenger (black with white stripes)….with a batman sticker on the rear window.  Smile produced.

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Ode to the Humble Bookmark

I certainly don’t approve of dog eared paged. I don’t hate the people who do this, I just won’t lend them any of my books. I am a bookmark user through and through. If I had nothing to serve as … Continue reading

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A Lament for the Trees

I was under no illusion. I knew my corner of the world was undergoing population growth. My fellow commuters had increased in number–either that or the bus somehow lost a dramatic number of seats. I knew that the prices of … Continue reading

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A Cool Morning’s Brilliant Moment

I opened the door to a pleasant morning surprise. Maybe I should back up a little. I was forced to venture out into what was a colder morning than I had expected. I was forced because the fridge was lacking … Continue reading

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