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My CD changer gave up the ghost. I think that’s the right expression. I was going to say it pooched out, or crapped out, but just as I was hitting the keyboard the sentence I chose just came to me. … Continue reading

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Reading Randomly

When reading a book of short stories, whether they be from the same author or a bunch of authors I usually read the stories in the order they are presented. It could be because I usually read novels and skipping … Continue reading

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Questions for the Universe: Grass

Why does the grass seem to grow better between the cracks in my driveway than it does on my actual lawn?

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Beautiful Saturday Morning

Having crammed my belly full at an all you can eat buffet, and having skimmed a rather ominous weather report, I really didn’t expect to be riding this Saturday morning. However, I woke to a beautiful looking morning and knew … Continue reading

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In this world we like to think belongs to us, there are signs, omens, or noticeable things that merely have the aroma of something foretelling. The wisest among us recognize these things and take appropriate action at the appropriate time. … Continue reading

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Recent Stuff

On Tuesday, my girlfriend and I went to my favourite pub for a bite to eat and cold beer outside. We chose the back patio because the front patio had an exclusive view of road construction and the aroma of … Continue reading

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