Finding the Perfect

Update to the Perfect Moment: August 19 2020

Since a few people have read this in the last week or so, I probably should update it a bit.  While everything below holds true, in our current situation (Covid 19/Coronavirus/pandemic–whatever you want to call it) I haven’t gone out as much, haven’t interacted with people as much and it is  harder to find Perfect Moments.  I know they are still there, but they are nearly as obvious as they were before.

The results of this are that I am not writing these blogs as much.  I have days of inspiration, but I also have days where I have nothing to write.  I also have days when I want to complain about things.

I am not giving up on my blog.  Please have patience.  We will get through this.

The Original Finding the Perfect

I began my search for the Perfect Moment in an effort to brighten up my life.  While I wouldn’t call my self depressed, I would say that I wasn’t living the life I wanted.  It was easy to find the negative in things and dwell on them too much.

I decided that a good way to get out of that “funk” was to find things to be positive about.  I already knew (or thought I knew) what was good in my life, so I decided to focus on things outside of that.  I decided to find at least one good thing a day to reflect on and be positive about.  There had to be at least one good thing each day.

Surprisingly (at that time) I often found more than one.  That is why I had to decide which one was the Perfect Moment of the day.  In the beginning my need was great enough that I felt compelled to write every single day.  Though I don’t feel that compulsion any longer, I will have to admit one very important thing.

It works.  It really works.

The search for a perfect moment really isn’t hard.  Each day has them, hidden and revealed.  Though we may not recognize them when they happen, they are still there.  I hope by sharing mine, I can spread some positive in a world that seems to obsess on the negative.

These moments, fleeting and elusive are there to found.

For a different side of me, please take a look at my other blog.


15 Responses to Finding the Perfect

  1. myobt says:

    Hi, Anthony! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award. I consider you a kindred spirit, and your blog is a great source of inspiration and entertainment for me. I wanted to thank you. However, these awards are a bit time consuming, so if you’re too busy to play along, I won’t take it personally. Honestly, it took me the better part of yesterday to get the acceptance post together. Either way, consider this a fan letter!

  2. Hi Anthony, How do I find your other blogs? Still sorta new at this and can’t seem to figure it out.

  3. mollytopia says:

    Love it! What a fantastic pursuit! Looking forward to keeping up with you – happy Friday!😃

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  5. Hi Anthony, I am Juan from Colombia. I am finding your blog very helpfully in a way to improve my English in the Reading and Vocabulary parts. However, I have lost practice on it because I do not practice it here very much. I hope that everything in your life goes well and that life can give us a second time to meet us because you were a great person in the time that I was there.

    Have a wonderful life and keep writing in your blog because in that way I can practice too hahahaha

  6. Evan says:

    Anthony – love this. I’ve been in the same funk lately. Always kind of finding the negative in everything – dwelling on aspects out of my control… be it death, the government, money, time… I’m hopeful about my future though. Thanks for following along with my blog as well. Best wishes.

    • Anthony says:

      I do encourage everyone to find something perfect to think about every day. It won’t balance out all the crap, but at the very least, you can go to bed with a positive image.

    • Anthony says:

      I think your blog is going to be a winner. The topic area has a lot to offer and a lot to write about.
      Read about how to get more followers on some blogging sites and soon you’ll have lots of positive engagement.

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