Finding the Perfect

I began my search for the Perfect Moment in an effort to brighten up my life.  While I wouldn’t call my self depressed, I would say that I wasn’t living the life I wanted.  It was easy to find the negative in things and dwell on them too much.

I decided that a good way to get out of that “funk” was to find things to be positive about.  I already knew (or thought I knew) what was good in my life, so I decided to focus on things outside of that.  I decided to find at least one good thing a day to reflect on and be positive about.  There had to be at least one good thing each day.

Surprisingly (at that time) I often found more than one.  That is why I had to decide which one was the Perfect Moment of the day.  In the beginning my need was great enough that I felt compelled to write every single day.  Though I don’t feel that compulsion any longer, I will have to admit one very important thing.

It works.  It really works.

The search for a perfect moment really isn’t hard.  Each day has them, hidden and revealed.  Though we may not recognize them when they happen, they are still there.  I hope by sharing mine, I can spread some positive in a world that seems to obsess on the negative.

These moments, fleeting and elusive are there to found.

For a different side of me, please take a look at my other blog.


11 Responses to Finding the Perfect

  1. myobt says:

    Hi, Anthony! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award. I consider you a kindred spirit, and your blog is a great source of inspiration and entertainment for me. I wanted to thank you. However, these awards are a bit time consuming, so if you’re too busy to play along, I won’t take it personally. Honestly, it took me the better part of yesterday to get the acceptance post together. Either way, consider this a fan letter!

  2. Hi Anthony, How do I find your other blogs? Still sorta new at this and can’t seem to figure it out.

  3. mollytopia says:

    Love it! What a fantastic pursuit! Looking forward to keeping up with you – happy Friday!😃

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  5. Hi Anthony, I am Juan from Colombia. I am finding your blog very helpfully in a way to improve my English in the Reading and Vocabulary parts. However, I have lost practice on it because I do not practice it here very much. I hope that everything in your life goes well and that life can give us a second time to meet us because you were a great person in the time that I was there.

    Have a wonderful life and keep writing in your blog because in that way I can practice too hahahaha

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