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Are You Still on the Traveller’s High he asked.

I have been home a month from my vacation and one of my colleagues asked me if the “Traveller’s high” had warn off yet. I had to ask for clarification of what this was. He explained that when you came … Continue reading

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Hue was once an imperial city.  The Citadel and its grounds were host to me and the rest of the crew on our bike tour of the city.  We not only got to dice with early morning and midday traffic, … Continue reading

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Beer in Vietnam

I’ve got a few more posts about Vietnam coming, but I also need to get some sleep, so this short one will have to suffice for now. While in Vietnam….and any country I visit really, I try to sample a … Continue reading

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A Momentary Reverie

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Proust started his famous work with a memory triggered by the aroma of fresh baked bread. (I could be mistaken because, despite my literary bent, I have not tackled the book yet. I am … Continue reading

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It Has to Mean Something, Doesn’t it?

I was sitting in the subway, having gotten a seat because I was riding during non-peak hours. To my right, many empty seats and a scattering of passengers killed time their own way.  Mine was to bury myself into Bret … Continue reading

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July 26. 2014: No Better Price than Free

I go through a lot of phases or periods or …whatever.  I like something, and I get really into it, then the thing fades to the background for a while, maybe a log while, maybe a short while.  If you’ve … Continue reading

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