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Longer Days

Though I had to be reminded of it, Today’s Perfect Moment is the realization that the days are getting longer. Perhaps I did not notice because I still arrive and leave work in the dark.  Today, though, I managed to … Continue reading

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Driving At Dusk

I have seen many movies that featured either cowboys riding off into the sunset, or loner rebels riding off on motorcycles into the setting sun.  It is a powerful image and though I find it hard to explain the appeal, … Continue reading

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I have been rather disappointed lately that by the time I get to the bus stop in the morning, the sun is still not out. I look back on my instagram feed when I had taken some nice sunrise shots.  … Continue reading

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A Home Cooked Mexican Meal

Yesterday I was invited for a home cooked Mexican meal. That it would happen on the 25th floor of a building in Toronto isn’t particularly relevant except that it might explain the pictures I attached to this post. I was … Continue reading

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Some Life Updates–Whether you want them or not

Just thought I would catch you up on the things happening with me. Readers of this blog and people following my Instagram will know that I have often posted pictures of sunrises. In the summer months, my walk to the … Continue reading

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A Less Forgiving Sunset

Today’s Perfect Moment was watching the sunset through the bus window. I had worked late….again, and while I didn’t feel the weight of the world on me, I did have a bit of melancholy. Work had gone well enough, but … Continue reading

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Becky at beckysopenbook was kind enough to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger award.  Even kinder, she did not burden me with a bunch of rules and regulations.  She merely asked for a sunshine story and some pictures.  How could … Continue reading

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A very relaxing day on the coast.

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May 30, 2014 A Picture of Perfection

I’ll try and paint you a picture.  I hope my palette suits you. Dinner was cooking on the stove.  The aroma filled the kitchen, and the cooking sounds were just barely audible. The stereo was turned up loud, pumping out … Continue reading

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