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Both Sides of the Coin

Friday’s Perfect Moment is special in that it came conveniently packaged with its opposite. It came at me with its one-two punch.  Though I don’t really like gun metaphors, it was a double barrel shotgun blast.  Fortunately, the good came … Continue reading

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Perfect Quests

By now, everyone who is going to has read the Anthony story and come to some basic understanding of my quest for Perfect Moments. However, you probably don’t know that I have quests for other perfect things.  Some of these … Continue reading

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The Sounds Not of Silence

Today’s Perfect Moment had two distinct, some might say opposite, parts. What unites them is their locations and the fact that both of them were sounds. Sound One I was at the end of my commute to work. That is … Continue reading

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And She Rocked

Catching up on Perfect Moments seems to be my thing lately. Your patience is appreciated.  I had time to reflect on them, so perhaps my words will be more eloquent, or at least for myself, they will have a slightly … Continue reading

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And She Danced

Everyone’s got their subway routine. Some read books, some read the newspapers, some close their eyes and either sleep or approximate it is some way.  There are those who watch episodes of their favourite TV shows or play video games.  … Continue reading

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A Sweet Thing

Today’s Perfect Moment occurred at the supermarket. It wasn’t free food.  It wasn’t an encounter with a beautiful woman in the produce aisle.  It wasn’t getting a shopping cart that rolled well–which is a rare enough feet that it could … Continue reading

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When Life Gets its Own Soundtrack

Wouldn’t life be better with a soundtrack? Wouldn’t the perfect music add to the mood so well that your feelings and the events around you were bound together perfectly? I am pretty sure each and everyone of us has had … Continue reading

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On a Recent Read

Though the incredible song Heroin is featured in the Movie Apocalypse Now, I can honestly say that the first time I consciously listened to the Velvet Underground was my first weekend in Japan.  My unknown quantity of a roommate had … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

There are many great Christmas songs–many of which have been around for a long time.  This year, I have fallen in love with one song in particular.  It happened the first time I heard it this year–though I have heard … Continue reading

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September 9: State of the Blog

I’ve been writing about the day’s perfect moments for months now, and there is a lot that has become quite obvious.  If you’ve been reading these posts (or gone back and sampled a few) it might be obvious to you … Continue reading

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