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Vietnamese Coffee Morning

There is something great about a day when I can drink my coffee slowly and reflect on the days past and the days ahead.  Today is Remembrance Day, so reflecting is definitely needed. This is so different from mornings when … Continue reading

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One Perfect Sound

When I think of Perfect sounds, naturally (a slightly unintended wordplay), I think of rain and wind. Those are sounds that are beautiful and powerful.  Out in a tent or cabin, maybe because they are both immediate and possibly disastrous, … Continue reading

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Leave My Bananas Alone!

I thought it was a one-off. I thought that it would happen once and never again.  How sadly I misjudged Hollywood.  How sadly I thought their greed had limits. They have gone and defiled my banana again–though this time it … Continue reading

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Neon Mornings

As result of daylight savings time, mornings that had finally been showing wonderful signs of dawn have now been plunged back into darkness. Storefronts are signs that had paled in the early morning light once again shine bright, advertising their … Continue reading

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Snow Underfoot

It was eerily quiet as I left the house this early morning, leaving me all to aware of the sound of the snow crunching underfoot. The ground was covered in a thin layer of white, reflecting the street lamps and … Continue reading

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Mid-Autumn Morning

My walk to the bus stop confirmed the thing I already knew to be true. The leaves, though some holding their colours and precarious hold on trees, were, for the most part, now detached, lying on the grass, the pavement … Continue reading

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Sharing a Sunrise

Thanks to shortening days and an inflexible start time, I am not sure how many more of these I will be able to capture.  Maybe if the bus window is clean enough….

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Mother Nature’s other Plan

I had plans to get out and go riding today. Mother Nature seemed to have other ideas. Unlike Bri, who would be very happy to see this Spring snowfall, I was less than pleased. I have some cold weather wear, … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

I need a more positive synonym for strange. You see, Monday was strange, but I don’t want Monday to detract from the idea of perfect.  Besides, it isn’t like Monday was STRANGE.  Monday wasn’t STRANGE.  Monday was strange.  The funny … Continue reading

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The Road Not Lit

I’d like to set the scene for you, if I may.  I was almost ready to head to the bus stop to start the daily commute.  My coffee was drunk, teeth were brushed, lunch packed, book suitably bookmarked, vitamins either … Continue reading

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