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Chocolate for the Teacher

I might not have liked many of my teachers growing up.  I might not have wanted to become a teacher.  In fact, I might have expended a lot of energy trying to avoid it entirely.  The truth is, I am … Continue reading

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More Green Tea Sightings

One quick post before I go. It seems like matcha (green tea) is not only invading the kitkats here in Canada.  What I mean is that suddenly, the flavour is everywhere.  On a quick trip to the grocery store today, … Continue reading

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When Students Bring Chocolate

I don’t get a lot of gifts from students, but when I do, they tend to be really interesting. In this case a student remembered that I recently celebrated a birthday and gave me some chocolate. I’ve said it before, … Continue reading

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A Japanese Chocolate Moment

  After my indecisive day at the hobby shop (chronicled in tow earlier blogs) I went for a little pick-me-up at J-Town (Toronto’s Japanese group of markets, cafe’s and such).  I wasn’t hungry enough for dinner, but that didn’t stop … Continue reading

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Turkey, the Day After

After Thanksgiving there seems to be a lot of turkey lying around. People start moaning, but I partake in my own ritual (I was going to say annual, but this happens at Christmas as well). I consider sandwiches to be … Continue reading

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A Cool Morning’s Brilliant Moment

I opened the door to a pleasant morning surprise. Maybe I should back up a little. I was forced to venture out into what was a colder morning than I had expected. I was forced because the fridge was lacking … Continue reading

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The Japan KitKat Phenomenon

The Japanese Kit Kat Phenomenon (JKKP) is pretty much all over the internet.  There are hundreds of videos on YouTube and probably quite a few blogs written about it.  Yes, there are lots of KitKat flavours in Japan.  This is … Continue reading

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