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I Didn’t Mean to Buy the Chocolate Bar

I really shouldn’t go to the dollar store. It isn’t that I don’t need more useless house crap–though I don’t.  It is just that I spend my money on junk food when I go there.  It might vary depending on … Continue reading

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The Grocery Store Conspiracy

The grocery store is trying to make me fat (or fatter). Don’t scoff!  Why else would they put ice-cream cones and chips on sale at the same time.  The only thing I don’t know for sure is if they are … Continue reading

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August 7, 2014: The Coconut Water Effect

In an effort to improve my health, and make some serious changes in my life, I have embraced a new, less treat laden diet.  While this doesn’t mean I am going really hardcore at this, it does mean I am … Continue reading

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