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Anime Eyes

A young women sat near me on the bus today.  Despite registering her obviously good looks when she got on the bus, her age having derailed any romantic notions that I would have, I didn’t look at her too deeply. When she came … Continue reading

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Bloor Street by Night

The addition to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) opened in 2007.  It certainly isn’t as controversial as the pyramid is at the Louvre, but it does raise some eyebrows.  I have even heard stories of it’s effect on the exhibits … Continue reading

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My Daily Museum

My bus route is a trip down one street, and in the early morning hours, it seemed like I was traveling down one wing of a museum dedicated to construction. There was roadwork to the right of me.  There were … Continue reading

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My student came to class yesterday sporting her new tattoo. This is the student from my Wisdom post a couple of days ago.  I think it looks quite good. I am fascinated by tattoos. Maybe it was after watching too … Continue reading

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September 9: State of the Blog

I’ve been writing about the day’s perfect moments for months now, and there is a lot that has become quite obvious.  If you’ve been reading these posts (or gone back and sampled a few) it might be obvious to you … Continue reading

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