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I wish I Were Better At

I came across a blogger who wrote about things she wished she were better at. (Please read it here) I found it funny and enlightening (mostly funny) and joked in the comments that I was going to steal the idea.  … Continue reading

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55 Kilometres in Vietnam

 It was a hot ride today.  We rode 55 Kilometres in the morning before lunch. I can’t lie it was pretty grueling, but pretty awesome as well. The scenery was fantastic.  I saw cashew trees for the first time in … Continue reading

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And The Bikes Roll On

The club had rides on Canada day, but I opted out.  The weather forecast called for rain and my body called for rest. I did make it out on Saturday and was surprised at how many people made it out … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

I need a more positive synonym for strange. You see, Monday was strange, but I don’t want Monday to detract from the idea of perfect.  Besides, it isn’t like Monday was STRANGE.  Monday wasn’t STRANGE.  Monday was strange.  The funny … Continue reading

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Revelling in Personal, Though Perhaps Trivial, Accomplishments

Maintaining or achieving happiness sometimes means stretching your definitions.   I search for good things or at least things that make me smile everyday.  Some days that means being delighted with my fortune cookie, some days that means finding joy in … Continue reading

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So, Universe. I’ve got some questions.

How do you respond to life’s little coincidences? I ask this, hoping we can, at least for the time being, set aside the debate as to whether there can be little or big coincidences. You’re probably wondering where all this … Continue reading

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The Third Beer in PEI

Another day and another beer.  A casual reader would think this blog is called beer of the day–which wouldn’t be a bad thing.  There is probably already a blog or YouTube page like that.  On top of that, I would … Continue reading

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When I picked up my new bike a few months ago I had lots of plans.  I also had lots of things to buy.  I persevered on most of them, but one big one seemed out of reach.  I joined … Continue reading

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Going All In

Poker has made this phrase pretty popular, but I think it is more powerful when put to other uses.  For me, going all in means two important things wrapped up in my commitment to cycling this year. The first is … Continue reading

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Setting my Sights on a Fondo

For those of you who read my previous post and the conundrum I found myself in, I decided to go to the bike show on Friday.  After looking at the schedule, there might have been more BMX events on Saturday, … Continue reading

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