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A Perfect Moment on the TTC

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) doesn’t really have a good reputation. The system is plagued by outdated equipment, poorly designed stations, inefficiency, and a bad reputation.  They have hired someone to turn the thing around, and I think it is … Continue reading

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A Choice of Two Moments

Commuting by bus affords one the opportunity to witness things that might otherwise go unnoticed. It is, therefore, not particularly unbelievable that so many of my stories come from my bus rides. Today, I have for you two. Both are … Continue reading

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The Question Everyone Will Ask

If I told you my answer was “It was great to be off work for a while.” would you be able to supply the question? No, you didn’t stumble upon a Jeopardy training or application site.  You stumbled upon my … Continue reading

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The Right Way to Eat a Kit Kat?

I don’t know if it is because of the people I work with or the fact that they are ESL teachers, but we can find ourselves in a whole bunch of debates. The topics of these debates range from the … Continue reading

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And This Is November…

What a beautiful day it was. My bus ride seemed slower than usual, but that gave me time to look out the window and see all the changes that have taken place, or are going to take place. Some local … Continue reading

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