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  I don’t know whether it is the spring like weather we are finally having, or the encouragement of one of my students., but I am filled with optimism for the cycling season. For the past three years, I have … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle Again….briefly

Further to yesterday’s blog about whether to go on a bike trip or not, I decided to get out on my old mountain bike and tool around the neighbourhood. I hadn’t been on a bike of any kind in months.  … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

After weeks of procrastination, valid and less than valid excuses, and an east coast trip, I finally made it out with the cycling club. Like all first rides of the season, it wasn’t worth writing home about.  It is worth … Continue reading

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A Question

I am appealing to all of you fit people who read my blog (or find it by way of lucky accident).  I would like some advice about nutrition for my longer cycling rides. Currently I am using the hammer line … Continue reading

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Survival of the Less Fit

It was a tough day on the bike today. The first 40kms went okay, but the last 45 were particularly hard.  I could make excuses like a stronger head wind, but the truth is…my fitness level has suffered over the … Continue reading

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A Slow Ride

The weather promised to be good and more importantly, I promised to be good. That meant that I would get a much earlier start to the cycling year than I did last year.  So, to that end, I awoke rather … Continue reading

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Suddenly, It Has Become So Very Real

Earlier this year, probably in the middle of March, I signed up to ride 125 km.   There were longer alternatives (165 and 140 to be exact) and there were shorter alternatives. How I settled on 125 is not overly clear … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cycling

This photo is from a couple of weeks ago–the ride in which I learned what bonking really means.  Since then, I have been more conscious of better hydration and nutrition–though, walking into any store to hear about that is sometimes … Continue reading

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The State of My Cycling–Adversity Builds Character…At least I Hope So.

I can’t lie to you all. It has been a couple of tough outings on the bike. Long time readers (I assume there are a couple of them) will know that I joined a cycling club to get out there … Continue reading

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