Question for the Universe about Vitamins

Skipping over the good advice that I wouldn’t need supplements if I ate better, and anything along that line, I was wondering when is the right time of day to take your vitamins. I should also explain that I am just talking about run of the mill basic supplements and not complex athlete type stuff.

Should you take them at night before you sleep or with breakfast like every TV commercial seems to indicate? I know some of them are water soluble and might not even stay in your body long enough to be completely absorbed. I probably shouldn’t be downing them with my coffee-as sometimes happens.

I would love to hear what people think.

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10 Responses to Question for the Universe about Vitamins

  1. I doubt timing would make a noticeable difference, but with a meal is probably best. Maybe even spreading them out (the soluble ones you can usually split the tab). That might help with absorption as you’re not getting a huge dose all at once? It’s probably much of a muchness. I take mine at night with dinner.

  2. I consult with a team of health care professionals who advised me that as we age, absorption is the real issue. So even if you eat a really healthy diet your body’s digestion slows down as you get older and so does absorption. The supplements are all fine and dandy if you have optimal absorption but again, that is compromised with age. So what I take is a good quality digestive enzyme with my food. Not only does it help with digestion, but also with absorption of nutrients.

    • Margie says:

      That seems like good advice

    • Anthony says:

      That’s interesting. Which one do you take?

      • I use a Gluten one for those pastry or pasta cravings to help with digestion. I get some discomfort when I eat Gluten products but I’m not allergic to Gluten itself (I’m not Celiac). The enzyme helps me to enjoy these foods in moderation.

        For absorption I was recommended to take Ichol or Ichol Plus, or BioGest. They’re both pricy, but there are more economical ones on the market. Just research a little to see what might suit you best. I find the Ichol helps me with both absorption and digestion when I eat heavy foods like ribs/burgers etc.

        BioGest is the one that is best for full/best absorption. I consulted with a naturopath, she explained it better than I can.

  3. blossomkitty says:

    Great question, Anthony. I have learned something from the answers. Thanks 😊

  4. Jinjer says:

    I’m no help as I’ve never taken a vitamin and probably never will. My dad lived into his 80s without ever taking a vitamin. Mom is 94 and the first time she ever took a vitamin was after her hip replacement when they said she needed D3 and D2 for the healing of the bone. There wasn’t any specifics from the doctor about when or how to take them. After doing my own research I discovered Vitamin D works better when taken with something else…I don’t remember what…and I thought it typical that the doctor hadn’t thought to prescribe the other thing to go with it.

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