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Waking Up

I woke to snow this morning. Someone mentioned that they were calling for snow, a last gasp of winter before the spring really takes hold. I heard them mention it, but I just didn’t really pay attention. Had the students … Continue reading

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Need Some Help

My girlfriend and I have been doing jigsaw puzzles during the lockdown. Our latest puzzle is featured below in my Instagram link (you have to be visiting the official WP site to see it). I would put the picture here, … Continue reading

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Back to my Roots

I received a couple of messages today from people wondering what happened to my blog. They weren’t actually inquiring why I haven’t been writing, but where exactly my blog went to. As you can tell by the address, I have … Continue reading

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Response to Absurdity

From time to time, when the mood strikes me, or when I convince myself that it might lead to untold riches, I do some internet surveys. None of this is particularly interesting or financially lucrative, but today’s experience provided me … Continue reading

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A Cup of Joe

This morning, without even trying, I made a delicious cup of coffee. It was strong without being harsh. I opened the door and drank it on my front step. It was just that kind of Perfect Morning.

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March Accountability

It is the start of April and I promised myself I would take stock every month to see where my resolutions are going. Hopefully this will keep me on track. And since I have completely lost my blogging mojo, it … Continue reading

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