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A Bouquet

I can’t recall the last time I saw someone taking flowers to someone. It probably isn’t rare, but I just never see it.  I know there is a flower shop or flower corner at the grocery store, but I have … Continue reading

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A Novel Way to Catch Some Shuteye

If you sit in the teacher’s room, you might think that the students’ goals, besides learning, are to frustrate and confuse the teacher. The truth is, more often than not, I really think they are trying to entertain me. If … Continue reading

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Winter Awaken

The title really says it all.  I awoke this morning, thinking maybe there was a chance for one last club ride before the snow fell. Ahem. Though it might have melted before 1 in the afternoon, it certainly didn’t allow … Continue reading

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The Chair Chronicles

What led to this? Battered and scarred, and past your prime, definitely.  You’ve been put out to pasture to await your final resting heap. In my vision you were the chair upon which unread stories and chronicles were woven, rather … Continue reading

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Skeleton Hijacking

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, please check it out here.  Otherwise, this next bit might not make any sense whatsoever. It seems that the boat was boarded by skeletons overnight. With the amount of discussion that the boat has … Continue reading

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What’s That Doing Here?

I wonder why there is no sitcom based on ESL teachers. Yes, I have seen the British show called Mind Your Language, and I watched every show of English Teachers (or Taipei Diaries as it was called in other countries) … Continue reading

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Believing the Hype

No, I am not shilling for Cliff Bars.  They are not paying me.  They are not delivering them to my house by the caseload.  I wish they were, but they’re not.  The picture is there because it’s part of a … Continue reading

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My Own Seinfeld Moment

For those of us of a certain age or of a certain generation, it seems appropriate that, at times, our life resembles a Seinfeld episode. Watching my student eat her chocolate chip muffin with chopsticks provoked a few thoughts from … Continue reading

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A Winning Smile

I am sure if I read many of the posts from Canadians today, the topic of legalized marijuana would be a popular one. Although, if they are writing from Ontario, they might be critical of the province’s preparation and readiness.  … Continue reading

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Where Can I Drive Your Glasses?

On the eve of Weed Day (I’m not sure if I should even capitalize that…after tomorrow, a whole bunch of lazy people aren’t going to bother….) I am blessed with choices for Today’s Perfect Moment. From them all, I choose … Continue reading

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