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Happy Easter….Let’s Eat.

We celebrated Easter a little early this year.  When I say celebrated, I really mean that we ate a meal that looked suspiciously like the meal we eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Other than the religious theme linking these things, … Continue reading

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A Pretty Grey Day

If I said it was a pretty grey day outside, would you think that I meant is was pretty and grey, or that it was rather grey? Yes, people who teach English stop to ponder these things. However, it was … Continue reading

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Helping a Student

Today’s Perfect Moment is about finding common ground with my new students.  I think, sometimes, my teaching is more effective when I share a common interest with a student, or at least have some knowledge I can impart on them. … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones

While walking, whether it be to the library, the Asian grocery store, through the parks and trails of my small town, or to the bus stop, I often come across things that set my imagination alight. This morning, before the … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Adventures

Trying new foods and snacks is not a particularly daunting task, but it still takes some nerve.  I mean, if you buy something you hate, you feel like you wasted your money.  That might not weigh heavily on you, especially … Continue reading

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Spotted: A Bike Locker

With the weather getting better, my thoughts naturally turn to my bicycle and the joy of riding. Coincidently, I managed to rediscover the bike lockers (not locks, not stand, lockers) at my nearest subway station.  They certainly seem more secure … Continue reading

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Successful Blogging

Lately, I have noticed an uptick in my WP stats. More people seem to be stopping by to take a look at my blog.  Some of those people are even going back and reading some of my older posts.  That … Continue reading

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Life Echoes A Book

On the bus today, I noticed the young woman beside me had a tattoo. I am fascinated by this and asked her about it.  Usually, when I do this, the people are very enthusiastic to talk about it.  Today, however, … Continue reading

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Breaking a Few Eggs

I used to love making omelettes. Then I fell out of love with the idea.  Maybe I read something somewhere that said I shouldn’t eat eggs. Maybe I got lazy.  Maybe I fell in love with another food. Today, for … Continue reading

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Beer Food and Friend

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. So a belated Happy St. Patrick’s day to you.**  I am not Irish, but like a lot of Canadians, I believe that on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is a little Irish. It also happens to … Continue reading

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