Advice Sought

I am thinking about taking another cycling trip late this fall (when it might see like winter) to Cambodia.  It will be similar to my trip to Vietnam in that it will be cycling with bus sections and tourist stops.

Trying to improve upon my last trip, or at least learn some lessons from that adventure, I definitely want to clip into the pedals of the bike.  I could definitely have used that on some of the uphill section of the last tour.  The only problem is that my road bike shoes are hellish to walk in.

I am hoping some of my readers (and please send a link to other cyclists) could give me some advice.  I would like some advice on what shoes or sandals  pedal combination would be easiest to walk in when I am off the bike.

Current contenders include:sandalshoes

Keens Commuter 4 shoes–I have heard that these are somewhat narrow.  They are also discontinued, so I would be buying them online, without trying them on.  I consider this less than ideal.

Pearl Izumi X-Road Fuel….. these are also descricyclingshoesbed as flat commuter shoes.  Might work.

I am sure there are some I am missing, but I would love to hear everyone’s take on this.  I definitely want to have an even better experience than the last time (if that is possible).  All footwear options are on the table.



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