Black Lipstick

black lipstick

When I was young, or just maybe when I was younger, I was into Goth Women. Probably I was into my own imagination of what a Goth Woman would be like.  Either way, I expected a lot of black, and that included her lipstick.

Once, my high school girlfriend wore black “lipstick” to a dance we went to. I found out that it was black eyeliner and not lipstick.  She said that it dried out her lips and didn’t taste very good.

Where am I going with all of this? Is this just some useless walk down memory lane?  How could this be Today’s Perfect Moment?

Well, it is funny how life comes full circle.

On Sunday, I entered Shopper’s Drug Mart to buy some milk. For reasons that I do not fully understand, you must enter through the makeup/perfume department before you can enter the store proper.  I suppose this works well at Christmas when you’re looking for a last minute expensive gift, but not particularly well early Sunday morning.  I personally don’t mind it as many of the people working in this department are stylish and attractive–in fact years ago, I met what remains in my mind as one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen in person there–but I digress.

Back to Sunday–the people in the department said hello, as they are no doubt trained to do, and I smiled back. It was then I noticed that one of the two women was wearing a very dark shade of lipstick.  I thought that maybe it was dark dark blue, or something like that.  I approached her and asked her about it.  In fact, she was wearing black lipstick.  I had never seen it on any of my bus commuters, and seeing as how they fall into a wide variety, it certainly could have been expected.  The young woman was kind enough to explain that this was a new-ish product and that I might see more of it.  I complemented her on her style and left to do my shopping.

It is probably too late in my life for the Goth Fantasy, but Halloween is just around the corner.



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6 Responses to Black Lipstick

  1. Quinn says:

    Sounds like a Nyx liquid lipstick, I know that some of those veer black-ish. I had a black lipstick when I was twelve so they must have been around, although God only knows where I got it from!

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