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Winter is Coming

I don’t think I should be ripping off that tagline from Game of Thrones (or Songs of Fire and Ice) but I don’t really think I have any choice in the matter.  It isn’t even Halloween and it snowed.  Can … Continue reading

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Today’s Perfect Mantra

What is that old expression about a thousand monkeys typing at a thousand typewriters….they would eventually produce every single one of Shakespeare’s sonnets? I understand that the point is that something that could happen, statistically, probably, will eventually happen. I … Continue reading

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Catching a Late Bus

It might be strange to call missing my bus Today’s Perfect Moment, but when you’re out with your best friends….things happen. So, we had a few drinks at a rather poor excuse for a bar–so poor in fact that it … Continue reading

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Fog, Philosophers and Fall

I did not consciously think of the alliterative title, but it certainly fits the disparate parts of my day….that now I wonder if they are indeed disparate at all. Fog When I left work, the whole area was encased in … Continue reading

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Some Korean Food

I had the opportunity to go out with some former students on Thursday. Having survived a gruelling test preparation course with me (and then embarking on an international relationship with each other),  I feel a strong bond of friendship and … Continue reading

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Holding Onto Summer

In the past two days I have had a couple of wonder spottings….sightings.  I am sure one of those words is the correct one. (Microsoft Word is telling me it is the second one…..but somehow I like the first one … Continue reading

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Being Thankful

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. For those not celebrating this week, you’ve still got turkey to look forward to. Thanksgiving is aptly named and I must admit that I have a decent amount of things to … Continue reading

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Today’s Perfect Moment comes via food. I was a little sick today.  Actually, I am still a little sick and earlier today I was really sick.  Surprisingly the students said I didn’t look too bad. As a treat for surviving … Continue reading

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When Breakfast Fails to Deliver

A student of mine once told me that the secret to maintaining a good weight was in this simple maxim. Eat breakfast like a king. Eat lunch like a prince. Eat supper like a poor person. I have to admit … Continue reading

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Not Only One…But Many

Today’s Perfect Moment is simply the day it was. Highlights include: Hearing Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on the radio. Lots of sunshine that shone even as the rain fell. A delicious dinner meal. Finding some books at the … Continue reading

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