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Questions Arising from a Walk

A question for all you writers out there–published, unpublished, aspiring, would be, could be–whatever category you find yourself in.  I want to include everyone and anyone. I took a walk today and without any music, I had only my thoughts … Continue reading

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What To Do With The Thirtysomeone?

My friend and colleague has just released her free (yes, I said free) ebook on setting and accomplishing goals in your thirties–I’m in my 40’s, but lots of that still applies. Please check out her posts and download her free … Continue reading

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On the New Bike

Finally, after dithering and making up a lot of excuses and finding reasons not to ride, I did finally get on the bike.  I kitted up and raced out into the world.  It was my first day on my bike … Continue reading

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In Pen.

“You do the crossword in pen!?!” a colleague shouted, somewhat shocked, somewhat in awe–it might have been a question, but came out a bit like an accusation. I could have stumbled through my answer, or I could have answered with … Continue reading

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Free Cookies Foil Frustration

The other day (Wednesday) they were handing out cookies to people as I got off the bus and was headed toward the subway.  I passed two people doing this job and ended up with three cookies–one person had a strict … Continue reading

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Kinder Disappointment

I don’t even know where to begin this blog.  In my head I have two opening paragraphs.  This always happens when I feel the need to rant a little.  I don’t know if I should shout and scream first then … Continue reading

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The day without a jacket

I have to admit that I like winter and cold weather.  I also love winter sports like skiing. I don’t moan and complain about the cold like some people.  I don’t even really have a winter jacket.  I have a … Continue reading

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Advice sought from cyclists

One of the things I appreciate about my blogging on WP is that it seems much easier to get advice when I need it.  My other blog site does not seem to garner nearly enough response. Before I start ranting … Continue reading

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