A Question for all the cyclists.


The bicycle show is in town starting tomorrow.  I definitely plan to attend, but I am wondering which of the three days is better; Friday, Saturday or Sunday?  I am off work early enough to make Friday possible, but don’t know if that is the best day and I would like your advice.

I am not in the market for a new bike (in which case I might go on Sunday and hope to score a last minute deal).  I am primarily going to get information about cycling trips and clubs in the area.  I am also hoping that I can pick up a little swag–though having never been to a bike show, I don’t really know if there will be any swag.  Will everybody and every booth be ready on a Friday?  Will it be less crowded on a Saturday?  Any other show advice would also be welcome.

If you’re reading this, and you know a cyclists, or have cyclists following your blog, please alert them to this post.

Thank You


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