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Going All In

Poker has made this phrase pretty popular, but I think it is more powerful when put to other uses.  For me, going all in means two important things wrapped up in my commitment to cycling this year. The first is … Continue reading

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Getting Fully Kitted Out

Like every great journey there are always things to prepare, or things to buy.  In the case of cycling, there is some equipment that you need.  I’m not talking about tools, or fancy cycling computers.  Today, in a show of … Continue reading

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The Kit Kat Phenomenon Revisited

This post is not so much about the better me as it is about things that intrigue me.  As I wrote before in a previous post, which you can see if you click here, I have a fascination with the … Continue reading

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Setting my Sights on a Fondo

For those of you who read my previous post and the conundrum I found myself in, I decided to go to the bike show on Friday.  After looking at the schedule, there might have been more BMX events on Saturday, … Continue reading

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A Question for all the cyclists.

The bicycle show is in town starting tomorrow.  I definitely plan to attend, but I am wondering which of the three days is better; Friday, Saturday or Sunday?  I am off work early enough to make Friday possible, but don’t … Continue reading

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Challenging the Food Rut

Part of the quest for the better me is a quest to eat better and eat different.  The better is pretty obvious, but the different is somewhat less so.  In most things in life, I really like change.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Taking the Stairs

Three things inspired me in late November to start taking the stairs.  One was a TV commercial showing the same person, one healthy and able to do routine tasks and one who wasn’t.  It was a vitamin add, but that … Continue reading

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